CovidIndia open source tracker has become quite popular. We are a dev team of volunteers who have added to the code base and have this staging server where we track 5 new medical resources - the number of doctors, nurses, ICU beds, ventilators and total beds at different granularity.

These changes are not being displayed on the current production site due to the lack of accurate and upto date data. We also have the ability to show occupancy and predictions in our visualization dashboard but we don’t have the real time data yet. So it will be helpful if you can point us to the right source for the data or if you can give us whatever data that you have collected in a way we can feed it to our tracker. The current data, displayed on the staging server is all fiction. There is a button to load the real data but that is far from complete.

Right now, there are multiple dashboards across the web and all of them are looking more or less the same. But if and when the situation gets worse, people will want to look at different parameters. If you would like to use our visualization code, you can include it within your dashboard - all for free to help Covid19 relief.